Thursday, 30 June 2011

Things we have been up to in June...

Caitlin had her birthday. She is now 14!! She went with her friends to Lets Go and spent an hour in the karaoke pod, then had tea in Burger King. Ideal, as I didn't have to do anything other than pay.
Ellie performed in a junk band as part of Tidy-up-our-town day. She did a workshop at school then did this in Barnstaple square one Saturday morning in the rain.
Carl and Ellie did some gardening. They pulled out lots of weeds and planted a massive 3 plants!
Last Sunday, on possibly the hottest Sunday of the year, instead of going to the beach, we went Go-karting with Beth, Andrew, Francis and Dad. I did one race, everyone else did two or three.
Ellie managed a spectacular crash on the bend after this one. She drove straight into the wall, did a 180 degree spin and her helmet came shooting off into the air. She has a lovely seatbelt bruise across one shoulder and a massive bump on her back where she shot back into the seat after stopping. Her next lap was 3 times slower than that one!
Yesterday Ellie went to Pilton school as part of a Sports Festival. Caitlin was helping to organise and run one of the events. So I managed to get them both together for the first time since they started school.
And today of course I've been on strike and both their schools were closed. We took the dog for a walk along the river bank and stopped in the park for ice creams.

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