Friday, 20 February 2015

Two Days in Dorset

 We've just had a lovely two days away from home. On Tuesday we drove to Lyme Regis, not too far away from us but somewhere I've never been, as far as I know. It's a pretty little village with narrow twisting roads and lots lovely touristy/arty shops. The weather was fantastic for February. We had pasties and chips sat on the beach and enjoyed the sunshine.
Then we went for a walk out to the end of the harbour wall and took lots of photos of the sea. On the way back we sat by the sandy beach and had ice creams. Willow was unimpressed by the fact that she was not allowed off her lead to run around on the beach. 
A short drive down the coast took us to Charmouth, where our B&B was. We parked up and walked down to that beach where Willow could run around as much as she liked, although she wasn't too fond of all the pebbles. We didn't have any hammers or other such devices but we had a good go and cracking open some pebbles. We didn't find any fossils.
 On Wednesday another short drive took us to West Bay - where they film Broadchurch. The weather wasn't so nice and it wasn't as packed as I was expecting it to be, but there were still plenty of people around. We walked all the way along from one end of the cliffs to the other then back again before heading off for hot chocolate in the nearest cafĂ©. We also managed to spot the house that is David Tennant's home in the series. It's another pretty little village, but probably nicer in the summer.
 Willow had fun on this beach too, she spent a lot of time trying to get us to play ball with the pebbles, woofing at them and pushing them along with her paws. I tried hard to pretend she wasn't with me!

Saturday, 14 February 2015


I've just spent the last two mornings on a local farm watching the lambing. It was all very exciting. We weren't guaranteed any lambing for the hour we were there, of course, but in the end we saw lots. Our very first lamb was one that was coming out head first instead of head and feet first, so the farmer had to push it back in and rearrange it. Then we saw births that were more straight forwards. All the lambs were very cute and look - I even got one to smile for the camera!