Thursday, 25 April 2013


Sadly, Ellie's rabbit Fluffy died today. She was a lovely little rabbit, although sometimes difficult to get out of her hutch. We buried her in the garden, not far from the guinea pigs. We will miss her.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A Weekend in Cornwall

 I was going to call this post a wet weekend in Cornwall, but Sunday didn't turn out to be that bad. On Saturday it poured with rain all day. We left home at about 10 o'clock-ish and stupidly left it up to the sat-nav to guide us to Liskeard. Well, we got as far as Launceston okay and where it took us after that is anyone's guess. It was a horrible windy little road and by the time we reached the hotel I was green. We didn't stop there, but decided to carry on to the Monkey Sanctuary (also down windy horrible single lane tracks in the middle of nowhere). We wandered around in the rain, and looked and looked, and barely saw any monkeys at all - they were all far to sensible than to come out in all that rain. Back to the hotel we went.
 After a rest, a cup of tea and a warm up we headed off into nearby Looe. We wandered around, still raining, and then had a meal in a restaurant. Back at the hotel we watched one and a half films then went to bed.
 It was still raining on Sunday morning when we left, but by the time we reached Land's End it was just very windy. As you can see, the dog came on our weekend away. It was her first holiday. She was very good although Land's End is not a very dog friendly place. None of the bars or cafe's would let her in. We saw all the sights, and Carl took Caitlin and Ellie on an Air Sea Rescue simulator thing.
Then it was off round the coast to St Micheal's Mount. Merazion, the village opposite the island, is very dog-friendly. We went for lunch in the pub in front of the causeway and not only did they let Willow in they brought her over her own bowl of water and a plate full of doggy treats. We let her off the lead on the beach and she ran around and had lots of fun then we all walked over the causeway to the island where we had to clip her back on again. She wasn't allowed on the path through the gardens up to the castle, so we just walked around the bottom part of the island for a bit then headed back to the beach again. By the time we left we even had some blue skies.