Sunday, 29 April 2012

Visiting old friends

Okay, so they're not that old! We went to Leamington Spa this weekend, leaving Adrienne at home, to visit Rozi and David. We haven't seen them for four years. And it was great. We talked all weekend long, catching up, and the rain didn't interfere too much.

On Saturday afternoon we went for a walk to a lovely pub next to a river. The kids disappeared off to play Pooh sticks for a while. Then when it got too cold to bear we went inside and sat in some comfy seats. In the evening we had Chinese take-away and watched The Voice (well most of us did).

We stayed at a nearby Holiday Inn, had a lazy Sunday morning (I read the Radio Times in bed), breakfast in MacDonalds then round to Rozi's again. More reading of Sunday papers and chatting ensued. We had a lovely Sunday lunch, and at around 3.00 made the wet journey home again. If it hadn't been raining all day we might have gone out again, but even so it was a great weekend.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My new front garden!

After spending a small fortune, and Carl spending a lot of time and effort, we now have a brand new front garden to our house. It is sooooo much better than the weed-infested patio stones, old concrete and red-brick giant flowerless flower bed that were there before. We only have to hope now, that we don't manage to kill the plants that we have put in. Oh, and that Carl finishes the step by the front the door - its the only thing thats missing now.

Ground force, eat your heart out!!!