Sunday, 14 June 2015

Caitlin's 18th

 My second baby is now 18! I can't believe it! But we celebrated in style on Friday night. She wanted a fancy dress party and she wanted to go as Anna from Frozen, so I made her this dress. She looked stunning in it.
 Everyone made a great effort to dress up. My sister and her partner were definitely the best ones there though! Well done Shrek and Fiona.
 There was much legal drinking going on, thanks mostly to Blues Brother Elwood and his Mexican son. Caitlin discovered she does like shots, but doesn't like Sambuca - liquorice, who would?
 Granny, Caitlin, Mum and Aunty Beth.
 The Betazoids
 Eventually the teenagers all warmed-up and there was actual dancing going on. I think they got so fed-up of the embarrassing Mum-dancing they felt they had to show up how it was done.
The last men standing!