Sunday, 28 June 2009

Silver Medalist

Ellie competed in her first outdoor track medals events today. She did 75m sprint, long jump and turbo javelin and came second in the javelin in the Under10s group. Not bad for a first go, especially considering the girl who won is 11 months older than her. (There were six children competing - third place had gone home before the medal ceremony, probably due to the crappy weather!) She was so pleased she would have worn her medal to bed if I hadn't stopped her.

Bird Rescuing

So there I was this afternoon, sitting peacefully reading my book, when - BANG - something hits my front room window. There were no kids outside, so I got up to look and there, on the ground, was a tiny bird, looking all dazed. Silly thing had flown into my window. I went outside and the poor birdie was so confused he let me pick him up. I brought him inside and sent Caitlin for a box. We popped him inside and left him for a while. Not long, but long enough for Caitlin to name him Ronald and make a sign warning the others, should they come back, to keep quiet and not disturb him. She took the box into the playroom and watched it while she was at the computer. Then about ten minutes later she came to let me know he was OK. He'd been flying. So she took him outside again and he flew off into the trees. That's our good deed for the day.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Caitlin's Birthday Party

Today was fun. Despite telling Caitlin that we weren't doing birthday parties any more now she is at Secondary School she managed to turn todays BBQ into a full blown party by inviting 6 people instead of the 4 she was told. So Carl did his thing with the cooking, I prepared all the rest of the food, then we just let them entertain themselves. There was loud music, which I am sure annoyed the neighbours, and which would have been mostly Mylie Cyrus (and therefore would have annoyed me) had I not put my foot down and put together my own playlist from chart songs I actually like. There were a few concessions - I have to confess to actually liking 'The Climb'.
Then Jo came round with her face paints. "They're twelve," I'd said earlier in the week. "They might think they're a bit old for face paints." How wrong was I!!!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The New Adrienne

After four years of trips to the dentist and orthodonist today Adrienne got her bridge fitted. So she had to have new hair to go with the new teeth. What do you think?