Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A fun day out in Ilfracombe

We had a fab day out today. We used Ellie's birthday present 'Murder Mystery Treasure Trail - Ilfracombe' and followed the clues to work out who killed Rod Haddock, local fisherman. It took us on a 1.5mile round trip of Ilfracombe including a walk up to the top of Capstone Hill, with a lovely view over the town. This is where Ellie fell down, grazed her hip and dropped her ice-cream, hance the sad face above. I think she was more worried about the ice-cream than anything else.
We stopped for lunch in a pub by the harbour and sat in the sunshine overlooking the beach. My half a cider went down very well. Then the treasure trail took us into the High Street so close to the chocolate shop we just had to go in! Jo bought the girls a gobstopper each. They'd never seen one before. It didn't work, they still kept talking.

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