Sunday, 20 January 2013


Everyone went to bed on Thursday night hoping for snow. When we woke up on Friday morning the whole of  England seemed to be covered in it - apart from us! No nice snow day off school, no white stuff at all. It did snow all around us though, so today we escaped the Barnstaple Bubble and headed for Exmoor. No sooner had we gone 2 miles up the road than we found it. We kept going though and went out to Pinkery on the Devon/Somerset border.
 We took the dog for a little walk and played in the snow too. Caitlin and Annie are having a snow ball fight, while Carl helps Ellie make a snowman.
 This is the finished article. The only thing we could find to make eyes, nose and buttons was sheep poo!
 The dog had fun too. She ran round like a mad thing, digging at lumps of ice, sticking her nose into snow drifts sniffing for mice, and begging us to throw snow balls for her. We stopped when the ice she was crunching was making her gums bleed.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

It stopped raining!!

 Today we saw blue skies for the first time in ages! It was so nice that when we got to Instow beach to walk the dog there were almost more people there than in the height of summer.

Ellie was disappointed there were no ice cream vans around. Even the hut at the end of the slipway was missing - not just shut, actually not there any more. She had to walk all the way down just to make sure, she wasn't going to take our word for it. She'll do anything for food.

After our walk we went to wish my mum a Happy Birthday. It's not until tomorrow, though. Shebought her own cake and lit the candles herself but we stopped short of making her sing to herself. Happy Birthday Mum!

P.S. The air in my house this evening has been very unsavory. Please don't feed my dog so many sausages next time!