Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunny Sunday

Hooray! Summer is here and it's on a weekend! We got out today to make the most of the nice weather. We cycled down to Fremington Quay. I offered them the choice of bike ride or dog walk and they were desperate to go on the bikes so we had to leave the poor doggy behind. Then Ellie moaned about her legs aching before we'd even got onto the Tarka Trail.
The thought of a nice cold drink and an ice cream at the end kept her going though. Except it wasn't quite the end cos then we had to come home again.
At home there were water fights. The dog ran away and sat by the front door. A hint if ever there was one. So I took her for a nice long walk along the river behind the cricket pitch. She was so knackered from chasing stones when we got there she ran straight into the water then stood there wondering how she was going to drink whilst holding her stone. After a while she realised she had to put it down. Then spent ages with her nose right under the water trying to get it back again.
It even stayed sunny long enough for us to have a BBQ too. The first one we actually had outside all year. I hope it lasts.

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