Sunday, 5 June 2011


The weather was beautiful on Friday, and I was stuck in the orthodontists half the afternoon, so when the forecast said it was going to be good on Saturday too I decided to go for a picnic. I spent the morning sunbathing in the garden, then packed a lunch and off we went to Landacre on Exmoor. Five minutes down the road the clouds rolled in. So by the time we got there it was blooming freezing.
Still the girls had a good time. They sort of went paddling in the river. The dog ran around like a mad thing saying hello to everyone else who was picnicking there too. She was made to get wet when Caitlin threw her into the water (although only up to her tummy).
They had fun playing frisbee too. Shortly after this was taken the frisbee went into the river - it was inevitable really. Willow was shown what to do when someone else's dog went in after the frisbee and brought it back to us. After that the girls move further up the hill to play - until it started raining, then we came home. When is summer coming?

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