Monday, 4 May 2015

My Disney Experience

 From the 28th March - 11th April we were in Florida for our fourth trip to Disneyworld. This time there were eleven of us, ranging from 12 -73 years. The weather was kind and we had a good time, although there were moments (aren't there always?). We did ten different parks in fourteen days. Hence the three week delay in blogging. I am only just now recovered!!
  Disney is the main reason for going of course, and it was just as lovely as always, so the majority of our time was spent there, but they did seem to be revamping everywhere which meant a lot of places were boarded off and inaccessible. Animal Kingdom in particular was not nearly so pretty as is usually is. Disney have also managed to kill-off spontaneity with their new Fastpass+ system. You book your three Fastpasses 30 days in advance and then you are fixed on going to that park on that day - change your mind and you lose your Fastpasses with no chance of getting any more cos they are all gone! I liked the old system better, even if it did mean walking backwards and forwards across the park a lot.
 We are big Harry Potter fans so Universal was a big draw with its two Harry Potter worlds and the chance to go on the Hogwarts Express between the two. Lots of people asked about our t-shirts: Primark at its best! The Gringotts ride was fun but not as good as I thought it was going to be. Forbidden Journey is better.
 No Disneyworld holiday is complete without a visit to see Mickey. We went to the Tusker House restaurant in Animal Kingdom and met Mickey, Donald, Daisy and Goofy. (It cost an arm and a leg though!)
 The water parks are always fun, and not a Fastpass in sight to regiment your day. We did two days at Blizzard Beach and one at Typhoon Lagoon. I think I prefer Typhoon Lagoon. It has the two man boat rides that are like rollercoasters and shoot you up and down tubes. They make me scream a lot.
This year we also did Busch Gardens for the first time ever. They managed to do all the big rollercoasters and only had a very long queue for Cheeta, all the others they only waited about ten minutes for. Good job too because I was the one left holding the bags. The only other ride we really queued for the was the water rapid ride. We all got hot and bother in the queue and then very wet on the ride. Adrienne got the wettest - that seemed to the pattern on every wet ride we did.
  I'm all Disneyed-out now.