Friday, 18 September 2009

All the Fun of the Fair!

We did the Fair this evening. Now I know summer is definately over. It was a nice night, not many people there, although it seemed to be filling up a bit more as we left. Ellie wandered round with us, thinking carefully about which rides to go on. She like Bounce and the Big Wheel. We talked her out of Freddies Revenge. Her last ride was Energizer which she said she was not going to go on again until she was much bigger!

I did the Ghost Train with her. Its the only ride I go on. I screamed all the way round (just to get her in the mood, you understand). I'm not sure what she found worse - the men jumping out at her or my screaming!

This year we let Caitlin go round with her friends without us. We met her at the Leisure Centre when it was time to go home and found her with her arm in a sling. She got it squished on a ride (the same one that Ellie doesn't want to go on again), and Hannah's mum had whisked her off to the St John's Ambulence people. Fortunately it's not her writing hand. That didn't stop the goldfish guy feeling sorry for her and letting her have a fish even when she missed a card with a dart. How long before it's dead? Anyone want to take a bet?

Tour of Britain

This was my view of the Tour of Britain yesterday as it came through Barnstaple. We waited ages, having rushed down because we were told they were ahead of schedule, then they came through when we expected anyway. It was a blink and you miss it affair.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Adrienne at College

Adrienne got up at the crack of dawn today to do hair and make-up before she went off to her first day of college. This was just a Taster Day, but she's met all her teachers (which are now to be addressed by their first names), found out a bit about her lessons, and is ready to start for real on Monday. She a bit further than the end of the road before she realised she'd forgotten her exam results sheet and had to phone me up! I hope this doesn't set the tone for the next two years.