Sunday, 24 July 2011

Adrienne is 18 !!!

I can't believe I have an 18 year old daughter. My world has shifted slightly on its axis and I now have to adjust to having an adult child. Strange. Yesterday we had her party at the Conservative Club in Barnstaple. She went from not wanting one at all, to saying OK but it's going to be a masked party, to OK it's a full masquerade ball with posh frock and everything. Then there was the cake to-do. Adrienne didn't want one. I said she was having one and if she didn't agree to me doing a cake I'd get her a caterpillar cake like when she was little. She said, 'OK' - thinking I was joking!! Little did she know. So here she is, with Colin the Caterpillar 18th-birthday-style.
Ellie and Caitlin were allowed to attend. They didn't stay for the duration though, just until they got tired and bored. Carl took them home then came back to join me and our friends in the new cocktail bar round the corner. We left the 18 year olds to it, returning at the end to do embarrassing old people things on the dance floor.
Adrienne with BFF Brodie.
Me and my baby.
Dancing barefoot.
Those still left standing at the end of the night.

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