Friday, 29 April 2011

Disney - the final instalment

Its been five days since we arrived home and I think I've just about recovered. So I thought I would finish off the story with some photos of our last days in Florida. We got out and about early each day as the crowds got bigger towards Easter. This is all of us (possible the only photo of all ten of us taken during the fortnight) outside Cinderella's castle in the Magic Kingdom.

We spent Thursday morning there. We did the three Mountains again. For some reason Caitlin and Ellie decided they also wanted to do Its A Small World. Everyone else refused, so Carl decided to go on with them. Once was enough for me - I still haven't recovered from the trauma, and that was 8 years ago!

I dragged them out one evening to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom too. They didn't want to, but it was worth it.

Our last evening was spent back in Universal Islands of Adventure. This time Harry Potter world was very crowded, it was Good Friday after all, and the wait for Forbidden Journey was 45 minutes long. The girls went on as single riders. We spent some time shopping. We had a drink (one last Butterbeer) and a pudding in The Three Broomsticks, then walked round the park to do some other rides. This is what they looked like after Rip Saw Falls at 11 o'clock at night.

Then on the day we flew home we spent our time back at Blizzard Beach. It was lovely and no one wanted to leave. It was a great two weeks and the best weather we've had in our three visits.

The kids now assume we come back every four years, so we'd better start saving now. I've told Adrienne, as she will be nearly 22 by then, she'll be paying for herself!

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