Thursday, 21 April 2011

Disney - the next installment

I've been trying to post this blog for three days now and my computer keeps playing up. Finally I think I've made it! We've been spending a lot of our second week going back and doing all our favourite things. Top of everyone's list was returning to Islands of Adventure to revisit Harry Potter world. We went in the evening. By 7.00 there was virtually no wait for anything. We even made it into Olivanders, where I bought myself a wand. We had dinner in the Three Broomsticks (American Cornish Pasties are nothing like Cornish ones). We stayed until 10.30. Hogsmeade looks fabulous in the dark.

Ellie lost her Harry Potter hat on Flight of The Hippogriff and the staff there were brilliant with her. The guy we spoke to about it was all prepared to go off and get her another one from the shop when he saw how upset she was about it. The shop had sold out and he offered her another hat or anything at all out of the shop but she didn't want anything. Fortunately they do pick everything up and return it to lost and found so we got the hat back a couple of days later.

We revisited Animal Kingdom cos that's one our favourite parks. We got there early in the morning, so they did Everest with no wait and then Kilimanjaro Safaris with no wait. We also Fastpassed both of them so we could do them again. Adrienne filled up her memory card with photos of animals. The walk through trail in Africa was good too. We saw the gorrillas including a really cute baby.

We've also been to Univeral Studios, the only park we didn't do in the first week. Carl and the girls rode Rip Ride Rockitt twice, the ride behind them in the photo. It starts by going up vertically then swoops you straight down again. Afterwards there is a video of you on the ride!

Again we got there early. We'd done all the major rides in the first hour and a half of arriving. This was good because the crowds built up and it was heaving by around 11.00 and by lunch time the waits for the big rides were 60 minutes. We did wait 40 minutes for Shrek 4D though.

This is Adrienne near the Simpsons ride. They didn't like that one enough to ride it twice, but Ellie went back on with Francis when they arrived.

Even the oldies have been doing things again. This is Mum and Dad on Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios. Toy Story is one of my favourite rides.

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