Friday, 10 December 2010

Centre Parcs

Last weekend we went to Centre Parcs in Longleat. I have only just now found the time to post about it. My life has been a huge whirlwind of catching up ever since returning on Monday night.

We had a great time. This is Caitlin and Ellie coming out from their visit to Father Christmas. More cuddly toys. Every year Ellie asks for a teddy and I keep saying there's no room left in her bedroom for any more cuddly toys, Father Christmas must know this by now, but every year he brings her another one!

This is our front path. We were within spitting distance of the dome so walking down for a swim was no problem at all. They didn't want to go swimming that much though. It was too cold.

When we first arrived there was loads of snow, but hours later it started to rain and most of it disappeared. Some lingered on, and the ice everywhere was pretty. Our villa backed onto a lake which was completely frozen over. We wandered down to take photos.

The main lake where they do the water sports was competely frozen over too, we weren't expecting that.

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