Sunday, 28 November 2010

In Search of Snow

Yesterday I did battle with the Christmas crowds in the High Street and so only walked the dog for a little way. Despite seeing snow on the hills all around there was none at all where I live. The leaves were all still pretty colours though and I actually got Willow to sit still long enough to take a nice photo.

Today we went further afield and drove onto Exmoor in search of snow. We went to Whistlandpound Reservoir and walked the circuit by the waters edge. The snow was not the sort of snow you could make snowballs with. It was too powdery. The dog didn't mind it at all. Her favourite bit was chasing lumps of ice, then crunching them up and eating them.

Adrienne with her eyes shut again!

We saw some deer on the way home, and a hawk of some description which flew down the road in front of the car for a good 30 seconds, carry its latest prey in its claws.

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