Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow At Last!

The rest of the country have had snow for ages. We had to wait, but finally its here! We woke up on Saturday morning to a white world. It was beautiful. So in between getting the house ready for Father Christmas we have been playing, naturally. Caitlin spent so long making Jeffery, her snowman, it got dark.

We've been sledging with Jo. Although that didn't last long, cos it was hard work pulling the sledge up the hill and the snow there wasn't that good.

And this is what happened when they all fell off!

The dog loves it. We throw snow balls for her and she can't understand why she can't find them when they land. Snow is tasty though. She been for lots of long walks and doesn't seem to get cold paws or anything.
The only downside to snow is that the postmen don't seem to be able to work in it. Ellie's present still hasn't arrived, despite being dispatched on 8th Dec. I walked to the post office to collect my post today but the postman couldn't walk to my house. Poor thing!

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