Friday, 31 July 2009


Here are some of our photos of our holiday in Spain. It was great to get some sunshine. And it was very, very hot while we were there. We had to go without Carl because he couldn't get time off work, but they did let him come out for the last three days, so that was better than nothing.

This is Adrienne on her birthday. I wanted to go for a nice meal and we ended up in an Italian. She polished off the whole of that pizza!

She also spent most of the ten days under an umbrella with her jumper on!

Caitlin and Ellie liked it in the pool. Ellie in particular spent more time in the water than out of it.

They also liked body-boarding. although I suspect they will go off the idea after experiencing it in British waters.

We spent one day in Aqualandia, a water park in Benidorm, and one day at Rio Safari, Elche. There were lots of animals to feed. They liked the limas best, Ellie wasn't quite so sure about the goats.
We're back in rainy old England now and my tan is fading already! Not much chance of topping it up either - so much for a barbeque summer.

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