Saturday, 11 July 2009

Ashes Day 4 - Cardiff

I've spent the whole week watching the weather forecast convinced that all we were going to see today was an empty field and lots of rain, but luck was on our side - for a small time at least. We whizzed up to Cardiff first thing this morning and the worst traffic we faced was on the link road, the sailed into the IKEA car park and there were loads of spaces! That almost never happens when you actually want to go shopping there. We travelled to the grounds on the bus, found out tickets easily, and headed for the gates, and security. The b******ds confiscated my beer! They let you into Lords with beer; what's wrong with the Welsh!? AND they took away my Dalek bottle opener. What did they think I was going to do with that? It only says 'Exterminate', it doesn't actually do it!
Anyway. We saw four hours of cricket before the rain set in. England bowlers did their best to get an Aussie wicket. It just wasn't enough. And why Ponting waited so long before declaring goodness only knows. Still, the trumpeter was good. Carl managed to be in the loo when the first England wicket went down, and on the stairs up to our place in the Gods as the second one went. We hung about in the rain for an hour looking at the scene below before giving up and going home. Our seats were a bit undercover so that was lucky. All in all, it was a good day out. And now I can finally say, after years of trying, I got to watch an Ashes game.

P.S. I got the Dalek back on the way out.

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