Thursday, 2 April 2009

Prom Queen

Its Adrienne's prom today. I can't believe she's that old! It only seems a minute ago she was in nappies. Anyway, here she is, all grown up and looking beautiful even if I do say so myself!

There was a minor change of outfit when she got to Brodie's and everyone decided her second choice of necklace was better. Can you spot the difference?


  1. Adie looks great

  2. love your new Family blog...fab...I look foward to visiting again!

  3. WOW! I think Adrienne looks lovely! I can't believe she is leaving school either, it's gone so fast! You will have to keep those boys at bay now!

  4. what a cracking choice of dress - there must be two mum's with great style out there :-)

    Can't see the shoes but hope they weren't lace-ups.
    She looks stunning - my little bridesmaid.