Saturday, 11 April 2009

Friends and Relations

This morning started a round of holiday visits with my friend Louise calling round with her two children. We kicked the kids into the sunshine in the garden (not literally of course) and then sat and had a good old natter. We must only see each other six or seven times a year but time and distance fade into invisibility each time and its almost like we're sixteen again and living just down the road. Almost - stretchmarks and grey hairs not withstanding!

After that it was off to my sisters for my newphews birthday party. Well his family birthday party anyway. This means we were spared hoards of screaming seven year old boys running round with laser guns (this happens some time next week). Francis can be seen above, dressed in his best Dr Who outfit. After tea we all sat down to watch the beginning of the end of David Tennant. I feel the need for a box of tissues already.

This is how my husband and my eldest daughter spent most of thier time at the party. You've got to ask yourself - who are the biggest kids?


  1. oi - less of the stretch marks you old tart :-)

  2. Oh yes, it just goes to show, know matter what you dress them in there true geek will all ways come though!