Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter Sunday

Each year my children beg me for their Easter Eggs to be hidden. Sometimes we do clues to their location (this has often led to tears because the clues have been too hard) and sometimes we don't. I don't know why they can't just be given them like we were. This year I decided that hiding big eggs was too hard and hid cuddly Easter bunnies instead. It didn't take them long to find them, and one had been found before we even started (so I hid that again), next year I'll find somewhere really hard to put them.

This afternoon we had our first BBQ of the year at my sister-in-laws. At our house it was boiling this afternoon and I even broke out the bikini top! Ten miles down the road, at Claires, there was a bitterly cold wind and we all froze. Still, Claire always has loads of lovely food at her parties so that more than made up for it. Even Robin's crispy burgers were nice for warming you up.

Carl's gone back to France to work with his dad now, so I'm off to watch some girlie telly and then for a good nights sleep.

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