Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tarr Steps

 We had a nice day out on Sunday. Once we eventually got to Tarr Steps. It seems it does matter how many times we've been before, we can never remember the way, so out comes the Sat Nav, and what do you know, the Sat Nav never takes us the same way again either. This time it took us down the link road and then left along some tiny country lane and half way round Exmoor trying to find Dulverton. Eventually we ignored and took the first turning we found signposted Tarr Steps. Of course this brought us to the wrong side of the ford, which is where we usually end up, but this time we were prepared. We were in the Land Rover. So we drove through the river. This caused much embarrassment to the girls because everyone stops and stares.
  Never mind - we had arrived! We parked, ate our pasties (now somewhat colder) and then set off for a walk. We did what we usually do, headed up-stream until we found the footbridge, crossed over and then walked back where the path is high above the river. Willow had a marvellous time, ran round like a mad thing and voluntarily went in the water several times. Caitlin took lots of photos as part of her summer Art assignment. We spotted several poetry boxes on the walk around so Ellie composed a poem, wrote it down on her phone and copied it into the book inside the box next to where we had our lunch. It's going to be up in Lynmouth Pavilion in September.
  After our walk we went to the café for a hot chocolate and cream tea (cos you can have them with hot chocolate instead of actual tea) and completely confused the waiter by moving to an indoors table between placing our order and it arriving. There were wasps outside. Tarr Steps is definitely nicer when the sun is out and you can paddle in the river, but it was still a nice day out. We didn't get home until 5.30. I am writing down the way so we don't forget it next time. Link road - North Molton - Withypool then turn right to Tarr Steps. Stupid Sat Navs!

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  1. Great day out! Love the photo of Caitlin &Ellie, I want a copy!