Sunday, 9 August 2015


 We've been back a week now and already it feels like ages ago we were in Portugal. It was slightly strange to arrive and not need to adjust our clocks - I am so conditioned into thinking that whenever you fly to Europe and the sun you have to adjust your clock. But we soon got over that when we realised we were actually in THE SUN! After so many busy holidays this was going to be a 'do nothing' holiday.  Most of our time was spent on the beach and by the pool and when we weren't doing that we were taking a break from the sun by lounging around in our apartment. But we did manage to do a few things, of course.
 We went for a boat trip along the coast to see the caves. This wasn't nearly as scary as Caitlin is making it out to be here. She actually enjoyed it and despite the bumpy waves, so did I.
 We had a few meals out in restaurants overlooking the beach. The food in Portugal is very cheap but the service can be a bit hit and miss. This restaurant was a bit like being in Faulty Towers, with a doddery old waiter who kept wandering off to serve other people half way through taking our orders.
 Cocktails in beanbags on the beach were great. Carl had a few too many and had a bad head the next day, but it was his birthday.

 We went to Slide and Splash, a water park, on one day. It was quite windy but we managed to enjoy the sun too. Caitlin and I got stuck in the middle of one ride, Ellie got caught under a boat and cut her foot and knee trying to get back out, and Carl managed to lose 40Euro on a water slide cos he didn't listen when we told him to put his money in my purse, but insisted on keeping it in his back pocket instead.
Water parks are dangerous places!
We had a nice, relaxing time though. Which was the main point.

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