Saturday, 9 August 2014

New Orleans

 New Orleans was mad but lovely. Our hotel was right in the middle of  Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is like Gone With The Wind meets Ibiza. It is full of old buildings covered in neon signs and filled with people getting drunk at night - all night. All the local bars sell cocktails. Carl and I tried a Hurricane, which was okay, something blue in the Hard Rock Café (don't remember its name) and the Hand Grenade, which is very popular, very nice and very potent.
   But the rest of the French Quarter I fell in love with. Above is Decatur Street which is near to the Mississippi river. And Royal Street is also lovely with lots of little shops to poke about in.
 On our wedding anniversary we took a trip on the Steamboat Natchez. We had the jazz brunch tour which included an all-you-can-eat buffet. It was very pleasant in the air conditioned room, eating, drinking and listening to the jazz. We also did the two must-dos when you go to New Orleans. We visited Preservation Hall to listen to the jazz band. You are not allowed to take photos, so none of us took our cameras, knowing it would be crowded and hot inside, but the minute they let us in cameras and phones sprung into other people's hands and they were snapping away. They weren't allowed during the performance, but I was slightly miffed that I could have got some shots of the inside and didn't. I enjoyed the music though.
The other must-do is Café Du Monde. We queued for about 20 mins before getting seated. The menu is limited but people only come for the beignets and coffee. I drank my coffee, even though I don't normally, it was quite nice. But the beignets were lovely. A portion is three. I could only eat two of mine. They are warm and covered in icing sugar. Yum!

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