Saturday, 30 August 2014

Las Vegas

 Our last stop of the holiday was Las Vegas. We did one night here in the RV before heading out to Arizona and Utah, and the two nights before we flew home. Vegas is mad - its a bit like Ilfracombe on speed. The whole place is geared for making money. On our first night we visited the Strip and saw the volcano at The Mirage and the fountains at The Bellagio. We wandered around the inside of the Venetian for what seemed like hours. I asked if anyone wanted a ride on a gondola but no one did.
Then we had two more days. We found the sign almost by accident when we were taking our rental car back to the airport.

 Carl had his birthday present. Shooting three different types of guns. He decided he liked the machine gun best. Caitlin and Ellie had a go. Their arms ached afterwards.
 Carlie's Angels!
 We stayed in the Luxor. I liked that. The rooms were nice and the rest of the hotel too. It's weird cos its hollow inside and from the 13th floor you can look all the way down to the bottom. And the lifts go diagonally. We did a show on the last night - The Blue Man Group - that was fun, and Caitlin's NUS card got us in for half price.
And the first night we went to Dick's Last Resort for dinner. It is hilarious. The staff are rude and sarcastic, in a funny non-threatening sort of way, and they sneak up on you and put silly hats on you which say rude things. There's one in Orlando. We might have to go there too.

So that's my month in America done. I want to do it again!!!

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