Saturday, 19 April 2014

Things We Have Been Up To

 We all went down to Chudleigh, in South Devon, the other day, so Carl could use his Christmas present. He learnt how to fly a plane. We spent a lot of time watching the back of his head, but he had fun and it was a giggle when he crash-landed (twice!) Good job we couldn't actually feel it.
 After that it was Andrew's turn, then we all went for a picnic.
 Last Sunday, in an attempt to avoid Ellie turning into a hermit, we took the dog for a walk around Fremington Quay, followed, of course, by cake and a drink in the café. Alannah came along too.
Caitlin has been doing lots of revision. Good girl!

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  1. Haha Caitlin looks terrified and confused in that last photo, I bet she kicked off when you took it ;)