Friday, 11 April 2014


We had a day out on Tuesday and went to Bristol to do some shopping. I was listening to Simon Mayo's 'three word Tuesday' section on the radio in the car home and wondered what mine would be. 'Excess IKEA overspend', I decided. Why is it when you go to IKEA you always come out with more than you intended to? I wanted 4 things. I bought 15! Still, I did get the last pair of curtains in the colour I wanted. Adrienne's room is nearly all finished. I just have to wait for next week for the carpet and 7th May for the bed (don't trust BedShed when they say they can deliver in 3-10 working days - they're lying).

After IKEA we stopped at Cribbs Causeway - whoever designed that road system really didn't like motorists. When we found the car park it was relatively empty, possibly because the road system had confused all the other motorists still trying to find it. We bought holiday clothes, had a cup of tea and a cake, then came home again. 'All shopped out' might have been another of my three word choices.

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