Monday, 24 December 2012


 This was the scene outside my house on Saturday night. Carl got his digger out in the day and made a huge mound of mud at the end of the drive. We parked all the cars on on the hill. But the hill turned into a river and pretty soon the road was impassable. Our cellar flooded and the end of the garden but no major damage.
 We were supposed to go out to my works do but got turned around by the police because all the roads to Combe Martin were flooded. Then the environment agency floodline phoned to say we were in imminent danger of flood and should we have to be evacuated please co-operated with the emergency services. We decided it might be easier to stay at home. Carl, Caitlin and Adrienne decided to go out exploring at just past midnight. Apparently there was a party going on down by Co-op bridge, everyone had gone out to see the river at high tide.
This was the scene on Sunday morning. That red car had been abandoned and stayed there until this morning when its owner finally decided to come and get it back. South West highways have been out pumping the drains. The hills is now a small stream. And the waters are slowly receding.

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