Sunday, 16 December 2012

Czech Republic

 Last weekend I returned from a week spent in the Czech Republic. Working - of course! I met with the teachers on our 2 year European schools project. This is us on the Charles Bridge in Prague, minus the teachers from Northern Ireland who met us a day later once we'd arrived in Karvina.
 We spent a lot of time in school and having meetings, but on the Wednesday we went with some children on a school trip into the mountains. It had only just snowed so there was no ski-ing, but the children did lots of sledging, in between practising their English conversation skills on us.
 We also did a fair bit of drinking! Champagne and beer at the staff Christmas party evening. Nice!
The best bit of the week was ice skating in the snow. Dodging the children dashing at 90 miles an hour from one side of the rink straight across to the other was a challenge. I did fall down once. But it was good fun!

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