Friday, 10 August 2012

A Day at the Beach

 Yesterday we had a lovely day at the beach. Well, afternoon really. We got to the Northam Burrows end of Westward Ho! at just after 2 o'clock and met up with Jason, Ness, Ian and Louise and their children. I was pleased to learn that you can actually take your dogs on that end of the beach in summer. So Willow came too and played with Truffle - she spent most of the time running after her ball and making sure Truffle didn't get it.
 The men, and Nessie, all went in the water with surf boards. Carl took the camera down and managed to get lots of shots of waves and nothing else.

The rest of us just went for a paddle. Even Willow went in, although she didn't like it much. We were there til about 6 o'clock then went back to Jason and Ness's for fish and chips and Olympic watching. It was a great day.

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