Sunday, 24 June 2012

June Update

I have been a bit busy lately in a dark tunnel of report writing. Every time I sit down at the computer the only thing I seem to be able to do (apart from compulsively checking my emails) is think about writing another report. However, I only have four left to do now, so I am allowing myself a little deviation to update you on The Betazoids June.

Caitlin has had her birthday. She couldn't think of anything much she wanted so she's had yet more books, money and her Gran and Grandad paid for her to go on a school trip to London in November. Lucky girl!
 Two days before her birthday she managed to slice her thumb open on a can of tuna. That resulted in a quick trip to casualty for two stitches. It's her fourth trip in 13 months. Carl had to fill in a questionnaire, one of the questions was, 'Do you have a social worker?' I guess the answer was, 'No, but we might have soon!'

 Grandad also had a birthday. 91 and still going strong (if you don't count the bruise on his head where he had an argument with the shower). Mum did birthday cake and nibbles. Very nice.

Ellie ran her last Bluecoat Sports Day, held at Braunton Athletics track. She ran the third leg of the relay, took the baton in the lead and held on to the lead all the way round. She passed to Taylor who gave them even more of a lead and they came home with a gold medal. She also took part in the long jump and came a respectable second. She spent last week away from home on the Year 6 residential trip to Heatree House on Dartmoor. She had a great time, although she came back with a very croaky voice.

Adrienne has been for a volunteer job interview, and is now going for another interview for the same position only paid. If she gets it she may not be coming on holiday with us. At the moment she can't decide what she wants more, the money or a holiday. If only my life were that simple.

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