Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Monday

Yesterday we had a small celebration, not in honour of the Diamond Jubilee, but for Caitlin's birthday - which isn't for another week, but apparently this was the only time her friends were free. She organised everything herself and the first I heard of it was Friday. Hey-ho! Alana came over in the afternoon and I bribed them into taking the dog to the park with me with the promise of an ice cream.

 Then it was back home for a BBQ tea. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and ate cakes.

 Abi came for tea and they all stayed the night. They were dressed in festive red, white and blue for the occassion, but were more interested in watching rubbish films in the other room than watching the Jubilee Concert with us. The only exception to that being when Ed Sheeran was on.

Today they've all gone off to do bowling, ice skating and karaoke. Good luck Superbowl!

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