Friday, 11 February 2011

London Day 3

Yesterday I didn't get to bed until gone midnight so no time for blogging. So here is my report on London, Day 3. It rained pretty much all day. That thin drizzly sort of rain that gets you wet before you even realise. Fortunately we were indoors most of the day. We started with a visit to the Imperial War Museum. Their schools entrance was tiny and they were trying to get about four schools in and out at any one time so it was chaotic and stressful. There were so many schools there it was heaving everywhere you went. The Blitz Experience was good but other than that I couldn't wait to get out of there.

After lunch it was off to the Science Museum. Much calmer. The children had time to look properly and to sketch and find out things. Ellie is above, sketching some form of 20th century transport. Can't remember what. I've barely had time to talk to her all week.

In the evening we all went to see 'Wicked'. This is Ellie all dressed up in her posh clothes with her room mates. We like to make them dress up. It's a proper occassion going to see a West End show. They looked lovely. The loved the show. I did too and I've seen it four times now!

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