Wednesday, 9 February 2011

London Day 2

Today was completely knackering. We have walked for miles. We started the day with a tour of the Houses of Parliament. My group lucked out and got the boring guided, but Ellie's group had a good one by all accounts. Then it was off to St Pauls. Four hundred odd steps to the Whispering Gallery and Stone Gallery. Ellie and her friends are on the Stone Gallery in the photo above.

Then the BIG WALK. Across the Millenium bridge, all the way down the Southbank to the Eye. There were road works so we had to take a long detour. After the flight on the Eye we walked across Westminster Bridge, up past Downing Street and into Trafalgar Square. Once there we all collapsed onto the bus.

After tea it was back out again. A tour of London by night, with a few quick stops along the way. We walked across Tower Bridge. More road works on the pavement meant we had to cross the road. Hair raising. And we also stopped by Buckingham Palace for a photo. The Queen was in so we waved. Some of the children even think they saw her look out of the window.

Ellie is fast asleep now and I think I'll have a job waking her up in the morning.

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