Sunday, 10 October 2010

Ellie's Birthday Party

Ellie had her birthday party yesterday. She went bowling with her friends, then into Burger King and after that they went upstairs at Lets Go to do some ice skating as well. Its a good job this is her second to last birthday party! (I stop once they get to secondary school.)
It was a fun evening though. After the first ten minutes on the ice we were the only ones there. The guy said we were supposed to get 40 minutes but we were on for an hour and they only got off then cos I said it was time to go home. There were a few minor incidents - a bruised bottom and a cut finger (Ellie ran over Jessica's hand) - but other than that they had a great time.
We had to do birthday cake back at our house cos Carl forgot to pack a knife in the bag (he only had the one job - what can I say?), but it was OK cos that meant I got to sit down with a cup of tea and eat my bit of cake in piece.
It was gone 8.00 by the time Carl took them all home.

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