Monday, 17 May 2010

Willow goes walkies!

After weeks of waiting the puppy was finally allowed out today! And the poor little thing got dragged out three times. After the kids had gone to school I thought I'd experiment while there was peace and quiet so I walked her to the post box and back again. After some initial reservations she ambled along nicely at her own pace, but didn't want to come back. I had to practically drag her.
Then at 3.00 I decided to take her to pick Ellie up from school. I drove to the car park and walked her up the road to school. This took nearly ten minutes, but she was fussed over by everyone who met her. We waited outside the school gates for Ellie and she was fussed over some more by adults going into school and children coming out. Great! Socialisation and then some! She loved it.
After tea it was back out again for a quick walk round the block. She's getting the hang of this now. Just look at her go in the photos above. If only she would realise that she's supposed to do her business whilst out on the walk instead of waiting til she gets home.

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