Friday, 16 April 2010

Things We've Been Doing

We have had a fairly relaxed Easter holiday, but have managed to do a few things as well. This is Ellie cycling down the cycle track to Fremington Quay. Caitlin came too while Adrienne entertained her friends at home with pizza and Wii.

We went to Saunton Sands one afternoon earlier this week. There was a cold wind, but they didn't mind. Caitlin tried digging to Australia, Ellie did her best to interfere, and I tried revising some Psychology - funnily enough I was reading the chapter on 'Stress'. The book could only suggest drugs or therapy as a solution, so when I got home I opted for the cheaper, quicker option and opened a bottle of beer.

Yesterday me and Ellie made a cake. It was lovely with chocolate custard.
We have also been to The Big Sheep for Francis' birthday party, and spent a day in Exeter shopping. We travelled down on the train, which I thought would be nice for a change, but it was packed and we had to stand all the way. Ellie obviously needs serious shopping training as she spent most of the time in the shops looking for somewhere to sit down. She did manage to spend a fair bit of my money though, one of her purchases being the dress she's wearing in the photo above.

We had a small bit of drama today, when a dog suddenly turned up in the garden and chased the rabbit and guinea pigs around their run for a while. The kids befriended him and attached him to a rope to try and find his owners. They eventually turned up about 45 minutes later. Caitlin was disappointed, she thought we might be able to keep him!

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