Friday, 20 November 2009

India Day

Hooray! Another dressing up day at school. I love dressing up days. Yesterday we had a celebration of Indian culture day as part of our topic on India. So here are Ellie and I in our Indian clothes. This was before we got to school, naturally (those of you who know me will recognise my untidy front room.) When we got in I headed straight for the loos, along with all the other female members of staff, to join the queue to have my sari put on properly by Stenita, our Indian dancer-in-residence. I hadn't done too bad a job, I just got the pleats on the skirt on the wrong side. Stenita was not convinced about the t-shirt I'd put on underneath the blouse to cover my belly though!
This is me in my evening wear. We all went back in to school in the evening so the children in Years 5 and 6 could perform their dances and the play for their parents. I wrote the play so I figured I needed a new outfit for the premier of my work. I'm sure JK Rowling doesn't attend the opening of the Harry Potter films in something she wore earlier that day.

This is Stenita doing her thing. She was the grand finale of the evening. Well worth waiting for.

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  1. And very lovely you both look, too! What a great idea, more schools should do this!