Saturday, 13 June 2009

Caitlin's Birthday Party

Today was fun. Despite telling Caitlin that we weren't doing birthday parties any more now she is at Secondary School she managed to turn todays BBQ into a full blown party by inviting 6 people instead of the 4 she was told. So Carl did his thing with the cooking, I prepared all the rest of the food, then we just let them entertain themselves. There was loud music, which I am sure annoyed the neighbours, and which would have been mostly Mylie Cyrus (and therefore would have annoyed me) had I not put my foot down and put together my own playlist from chart songs I actually like. There were a few concessions - I have to confess to actually liking 'The Climb'.
Then Jo came round with her face paints. "They're twelve," I'd said earlier in the week. "They might think they're a bit old for face paints." How wrong was I!!!!

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