Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bird Rescuing

So there I was this afternoon, sitting peacefully reading my book, when - BANG - something hits my front room window. There were no kids outside, so I got up to look and there, on the ground, was a tiny bird, looking all dazed. Silly thing had flown into my window. I went outside and the poor birdie was so confused he let me pick him up. I brought him inside and sent Caitlin for a box. We popped him inside and left him for a while. Not long, but long enough for Caitlin to name him Ronald and make a sign warning the others, should they come back, to keep quiet and not disturb him. She took the box into the playroom and watched it while she was at the computer. Then about ten minutes later she came to let me know he was OK. He'd been flying. So she took him outside again and he flew off into the trees. That's our good deed for the day.

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