Saturday, 7 September 2013

Carl and the Needle

 On Monday I came home from work to discover that Carl was in A&E. Caitlin had gone with him. (Usually its the other way around.) He'd been walking up and down when he stood on a sewing needle on the carpet. (Guess who'd been sewing a button back onto Ellie's school blazer the day before? Yes, it was him.) Karma!

Well after a while he came home, still with the needle in his foot. It had gone in between his big toe and the next one, and snapped off. He'd had x-rays, blood tests, and an ECG. No one could decide what to do so he was told to go back the next day.
On Tuesday I took him up to Capener Ward for 8 o'clock in the morning. He was nil-by-mouth since midnight. The doctor came and did his rounds and said they would operate to remove the needle and he'd need a general anaesthetic. I went to work. When I returned he still hadn't been operated on and by 5:30 they told him he could go home. Several emergencies had come in and he would have to come back the next day. He was hungry.

The above photo was taken on Wednesday, after he'd finally had the operation. He is now hobbling around the house in slippers, the left one having been cut open so it fits over the bandages. The stitches come out in just over a week. That'll teach him to put things away when he's finished with them!

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