Thursday, 2 May 2013

Prom Queen No.2

 It barely seems like 5 minutes ago I was reporting on Adrienne's prom and now here I am, four years later, telling you about Caitlin's. She has been excited for weeks now and been counting down the days for at least the last two months. Brodie came round after school and did her hair. Adrienne came back from uni and did her nails (although that was not her sole reason for coming back). It's been proper girlie in my house this evening. And you have to agree, she looks beautiful.

I drove her round to Alannah's and they went off together in Alannah's aunty's Audi. Adrienne and I raced them down to the Barnstaple Hotel and joined the mega-millions of other parents taking photos. It was madness, but I loved every minute. I'm sure she'll have a good time too.

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