Monday, 29 August 2011

Bank Holiday

For once the sun actually shone on a Bank Holiday! Hooray! We were invited over to Julie and Kens to see their new kitchen, which is lovely, and for a barbeque. First we all went for a walk in the woods behind Landkey. Julie did tell me what they were called but I forgot. It was great. And Willow had a good time, running around and sniffing everything.
We stopped for a drink in a clover field, saw some pretty butterflies on the flowers and two birds of prey circling overhead. Then we went back to their house and watched Ken burn sausages. It's a rule, isn't it, its not a BBQ unless its burnt!
Adrienne was at home all this time, in case you were wondering why she wasn't in the photo, writing her personal statement for uni. I'm such a mean mother.

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