Saturday, 17 July 2010

Green Man Day

Ellie danced in the Green Man Festival Pagent today. Twice. Again. She did it last year just before we rushed off on holiday. This year I could enjoy the day a bit more. There was a huge downpour first thing that looked like ruining the day, but as you can see, after that it turned out nice and sunny.

The first Pagent was at 12.00, the girls do a little two minute section near the beginning of the 15 minute long performance. They always get a bit round of applause - its the only thing that does apart from the end. Then they do it all over again at 3.00. It's lovely and they look so sweet. Ellie thinks she was a flower fairy, but I'm fairly convinced she is supposed to represent Spring.

Anyway. After that and in between we wandered round the stalls and she managed to spend a fair bit of my money on tombolas and lucky dips. We also found the time to buy larger and J2O from the pub and wander round with that in the sunshine too. Very lovely.

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