Thursday, 28 May 2009


Yes, we came back for more today! I had to get up at some stupid hour this morning to drive Carl to Tiverton to catch a train to Bristol and then the plane to Bordeaux. So after he'd gone I took Cailtin and Ellie to Costa Coffee for breakfast, where we met Jo and gang, and then we all headed off down the M5 to Escot. We went to say hello to Alan, the guy who ran the course for us last Friday, and he made us a drink, then we went exploring.

The kids were desperate to go in the maze first, having already sussed it out while we were sat round Alan's campfire, so of course they found it hilarious that they got to the middle before us. After that we took them walking round the woods. They loved the rope swing, but only Cailtin was brave enough to go on the drop slide. They played in the playgrounds and climbed trees. Then after lunch it was time for ...

I opted for taking photos this time, having done it before. They loved it so much they did it twice, and still wanted to go again!

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